Whatever your need for Safety and Security services, High Sierra Patrol is the solution when you want it done right. We have the necessary 
personnel and resources available to custom tailor and staff an 
entire comprehensive safety and security operation for your 
business, or we can easily incorporate your security 
needs into our nightly Patrol operation. 

We currently offer Patrol Service in 
South Lake Tahoe, North Lake Tahoe 
and The Carson Valley 
to better serve you. We have the experience, training and modern equipment that it takes to provide you with exceptional Service. 

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We do one thing, we do it right and we do it for a fair price. 
Please call and allow our professional Management team to assess your needs and submit a proposal for your consideration. 

High Sierra Patrol~ 
Because there is a difference.

New Service Inquiries
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Whether your need is short-term, 
long-term or a special event, 
High Sierra Patrol is the professional choice.